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The University of Michigan Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering (COHSE) is a NIOSH Education and Research Center (ERC). Since inception in 1982, COHSE has supported comprehensive graduate-level educational programs to aspiring practitioners and researchers in Industrial Hygiene (IH), Occupational Health Nursing (OHN), Occupational Safety Engineering and Ergonomics (OSE), and Occupational Epidemiology (OE) to help meet the nation’s needs for qualified practitioners and researchers. Our academic programs are complemented with our highly effective Pilot Project Research Training (PPRT) program, Continuing Education (CE) courses, and Visiting Partners Program (VPP). Our success as a center of excellence is predicated on:

  1. An outstanding and dedicated faculty
  2. Interdisciplinary curricula that prepare our graduates for modern practice
  3. Vibrant extramurally funded research programs in many National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA)-related areas that train next-generation research leaders
  4. Multifaceted outreach and CE programs that meet the needs of professionals in our region and beyond
  5. Strong institutional support
  6. Active and engaged alumni, many of whom are leaders in their fields

The US workforce carries a disproportionate burden of preventable job-related morbidity and mortality. By training high-quality practitioners and researchers, COHSE helps to meet critical shortfalls in health and safety services in most small and many larger workplaces, and thereby reduces the incidence and severity of occupational injury and illness.

The Directors of the Center Programs are:

Stuart Batterman
COHSE Director

Clive D’Souza
Occupational Safety Engineering
and Ergonomics (OSE)
Associate Director


Christopher Friese
Occupational Health
Nursing (OHN)
Associate Director

Marjorie McCullagh
Occupational Health
Nursing (OHN)

Edward Zellers
Industrial Hygiene
(IH) Director

Marie O’Neill
Epidemiology (OE) Director

faculty photo blank
Sheryl Ulin
Continuing Education
and Outreach Director

Sung Kyun Park
Occupational Epidemiology (OE)
Associate Director

Richard Neitzel
Pilot Project Research
Training (PPRT) Director,
Industrial Hygiene (IH) Associate Director

Monroe Keyserling
Center Associate Director,
Occupational Safety Engineering
and Ergonomics (OSE) Director

Our program directors are supported by:

We maintain academic and research programs in the following disciplines:

We are a NIOSH TWH affiliate:

Although not currently offering a degree or certificate program in Total Worker Health (TWH), several venues provide our students with exposure to and instruction in TWH such as our Occupational Health Seminar Series, the curriculum of our Occupational Health Nursing program and research carried out by COHSE faculty alongside masters and doctoral students.

Learn more about the NIOSH Total Worker Health Affiliate Program

We offer the following types of funding:

We offer programs in:

We offer the following yearly events: