The University of Michigan Education and Research Center is fortunate to have many faculty members with strong research records that cover a broad spectrum of OH&S issues. A list of faculty with their areas of research expertise is shown below.

Sara Adar's photoSara Adar, ScD, MHS
OE Core Faculty
Research Interests: Environmental epidemiology, exposure science for epidemiology, ambient air pollution, traffic-related pollutants, and human health effects of air pollution.

Thomas Armstrong's photoThomas Armstrong, PhD
OSE Core Faculty
Research Interests: Biomechanics, upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders, office ergonomics, and rehabilitation ergonomics.
Kelly Bakulski's photoKelly Bakulski, PhD
OE Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Heavy metals exposure assessment, biomarkers of cumulative lead exposure, multiple pollutant exposures, epigenetic epidemiology, and neurological disorders.
Stuart Batterman's photoStuart Batterman, PhD, MS
Center Director, IH Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Hazardous waste, health care waste, sustainable systems, life cycle analysis, human exposure and health risk assessment, and environmental epidemiology.
April Bigelow's photoApril Bigelow, PhD, ANP-BC, AGPCNP-BC, MS
OHN Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Physical activity, smoking cessation, chronic disease management, & health promotion within vulnerable populations.
Bruce Cadwallender's photoBruce Cadwallender, MS
IH Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Industrial hygiene.
Julia Diebol's photoJulia Diebol
OSE Affiliated Faculty/span>
Research Interests: Product and occupational safety, human factors engineering/ergonomics, development and evaluation of warnings and instructions, risk communication and risk perception, and environmental health communication.
Clive D'Souza's photoClive D’Souza, PhD, MS
OSE Associate Director
Research Interests: Biomechanics, human motion, rehabilitation engineering, work measurement computer graphics programming, and data visualization and digital human modeling for ergonomics and environmental design.
Paul Frantz's photoPaul Frantz, PhD
OSE Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Warning systems, product safety, safety management, and hazard communication.
Alfred Franzblau's photoAlfred Franzblau, MD, MS
OSE and OE Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Musculoskeletal disorders, chemical exposure evaluation, pulmonary disease and radiological techniques.
Christopher Friese's photoChristopher Friese, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN, MS
OHN Associate Director
Research Interests: Prevention of hazardous drug exposure among nurses administering chemotherapy, quality of care, oncology nursing, health care policy, and the nursing workforce.
Paul Green's photoPaul Green, PhD
OSE Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Human factors/ergonomics issues that pertain to driver interaction with future automotive information systems, human computer interaction.
Gregg Grubb's photoGregg Grubb, C.I.H.
IH Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Control of exposures to airborne contaminants.
Siobán Harlow's photoSiobán Harlow, PhD
OE Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Reproductive health and aging, gynecologic helath osteoarthritis, disability and functioning in the midlife, obesity and metabolomics, export-led production, environmental impacts on reproductive function, human rights and gender-based violence, and occupational health in developing countries.
Brad Joseph's photoBrad Joseph, PhD
IH Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Ergonomics, industrial hygiene.
Elizabeth Kuzma's photoElizabeth Kuzma, DNP, FNP-BC
OHN Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Trauma-informed care, adolescent health, gender identity and sexuality, health policy and underserved populations, and professional advocacy.
Yili Liu's photoYili Liu, PhD
OSE Core Faculty
Research Interests: Cognitive modeling and ergonomics, neural modeling, cognitive psychology, engineering aesthetics, aesthetic ergonomics, cultural ergonomics and engineering, human factors, human-computer interaction.
Bernard Martin's photoBernard Martin, PhD
OSE Core Faculty
Research Interests: Work physiology, human motion simulation, vibration-induced alterations on sensory-motor systems, biomechanical stress, and long term muscle fatigue. View Spotlight
Marjorie McCullagh's photoMarjorie McCullagh, PhD, RN, APHN-BC,

OHN Director
Research Interests: Prevalence and risk factors of hearing loss in farming and construction; hearing protector use among farmers and construction laborers.
John Meeker's photoJohn Meeker, ScD, CIH, MS
IH Core Faculty, OE Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Human exposure to environmental and occupational contaminants; reproductive and developmental epidemiology.
Bhramar Mukherjee's photoBhramar Mukherjee, PhD, MS, MStat
OE Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Gene-environment interactions, epidemiology, global health research.
Richard L. Neitzel's photoRichard L. Neitzel, PhD, MS, CIH, FAIHA
IH Associate Director, PPRT Director
Research Interests: Application of new methodologies and technologies to exposure science and risk assessment; evaluation and management of health risks related to physical agents, safety hazards, and psychosocial factors; characterization of injury risk associated with noise exposure and transportation-related activities, with a focus on bicycling.
Marie O'Neill's photoMarie O’Neill, PhD, MS
OE Director, ERC Deputy Director
Research Interests: Health effects of air pollution, temperature extremes and climate change (mortality, asthma, hospital admissions, and cardiovascular endpoints); environmental exposure assessment; and socio-economic influences on health.
Sung Kyun Park's photoSung Kyun Park, ScD, MPH
OE Associate Director
Research Interests: Environmental and molecular epidemiology of air pollution, heavy metals, bisphenol-A, and noise exposures; hearing loss, cardiovascular disease, age-related diseases, gene-environment and nutrient-environment interactions.
Matthew Reed's photoMatthew Reed, PhD
OSE Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Anthropometry, biomechanics, human motion simulation and modeling, vehicle ergonomics, vehicle occupant crash protection.
Timothy Rhoades' photoTimothy Rhoades, PhD, PE, CPE
OSE Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Product safety and safety management.
Thomas Robins' photoThomas Robins, MD, MPH
OE Core Faculty
Research Interests: Global issues in environmental and occupational health with particular emphasis on respiratory morbidity associated with workplace exposures (coal dust, aerosolized protein, metalworking fluids) and ambient pollution; exposure assessment; education of the causes and prevention methods of occupational illnesses and injuries to employers and employers.
Marie-Anne S. Rosemberg's photoMarie-Anne S. Rosemberg, PhD, RN, MN
OHN Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Worker health, chronic disease outcomes, immigrant health, psychological stressors.
Laura Rozek's photoLaura Rozek, PhD, MA, MS
OE Core Faculty
Research Interests: Cancer epidemiology and epigenetics.
Nadine Sarter's photoNadine Sarter, PhD, MS
OSE Director
Research Interests: Cognitive ergonomics, transportation safety, human-automation/robot interaction, the design of tactile and multimodal interfaces, human error/error management, attention and interruption management, the design of decision support systems.
Bert Schiller's photoBert Schiller, C.I.H.
IH Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Work processes and ethical aspects of IH practice.

Patricia Strasser's photoPatricia Strasser, PhD, RN,

OHN Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests: Work-related musculoskeletal disorders, occupational health systems and management.
Robert Werner's photoRobert Werner, MD
OSE Affiliated Faculty
Research Interests:Physical medicine, electromyography, pain management, and industrial rehabilitation.
Jessie Yang's photoJessie Yang, PhD
OSE Core Faculty
Research Interests: Cognitive ergonomics.
Edward Zellers' photoEdward Zellers, PhD, MS IH Director Research Interests: Miniature air sampling instrumentation, personal protective equipment, characterizing and controlling human exposures to toxic chemicals.