Ergonomics Symposium

Updates in Ergonomics: Demonstrating Economic Value

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February 24 – 25, 2016
Los Angeles, California

This interdisciplinary two-day symposium covers a wide range of ergonomics challenges, tools and solutions.  Physicians, nurses, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals can expect to learn improvements to their clinical practice; industrial hygienists, safety engineers and other workplace safety professionals will learn new assessment tools and strategies as well as  potential solutions to difficult problems; human resources, accommodations and disability case workers will find new ways to understand and enhance return-to-work and stay-at-work options that will benefit the individual worker and the workplace.

Keynote Speaker

David Rempel, MD, MPH,
Professor, University of California San Francisco
“Upper Extremity Disorders: New Research Findings and Practical Applications”

Planned Topics*

  • New Ergonomic Assessment Tools
  • Ergonomics for Caring People: Home Care, Hospital, and Hotel Workers
  • Return on Investment: Are Ergonomic Approaches Cost-Effective Ways to Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries and Associated Disability?
  • Aging, Aerobic Fitness, Work Posture and the Sit-Stand Debate
  • Fatigue
  • Promoting Primary Prevention – Can We Change Safety Culture?


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*Subject to change