Total Worker Health™

2014 NORA Symposium presented at the Michigan Safety Conference


Michigan Safety Conference

Currently, research indicates that both workplace and personal health factors jointly contribute to many occupational health and safety issues.  Workers’ health will be enhanced by effectively combining traditional workplace occupational health and safety programs with health promotion.  Total Worker Health™ combines these two, often separate, initiatives of occupational health & safety and wellness, to improve worker health and well-being.  This symposium will review strategies for improving individual and family health by combining occupational safety with health promotion in the workplace.  Often, workers receive the significant exposure to UV radiation during and recreational and non-occupational activities.  Consequently, specific issues corresponding to UV radiation exposure and promoting appropriate protective strategies at work and home will be presented. As the workforce is aging and medical technology is advancing, workers with implanted medical devices are increasingly part of the work population.  Work evaluation and accommodation issues associated with potential exposure to electromagnetic fields for individuals who have implanted medical devices will also be discussed.


L. Casey Chosewood, M.D., Senior Medical Officer for Total Worker Health™, NIOSH

David Baron

Timothy Hitchcock, CIH, CLSO, President, LightRay Consulting, Inc.

Sponsored by:

University of Michigan Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering

Wayne State University Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University

Michigan Safety Conference Industrial Hygiene Division


This event is presented at the Michigan Safety Conference (April 15 – 16, 2014) in Lansing, MI.