Updates in Occupational Health Nursing: Strategies for Addressing Workplace Health Issues

Preconference Session (107, 207) at the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) 2014 National Conference

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May 3 – 4, 2014

Dallas, TX

This 2-day course is designed to update you regarding the assessment, intervention, and evaluation of common problems encountered in the workplace. Topics include chest pain, respiratory ailments, head injuries, penetration/foreign body injuries, musculoskeletal strains and sprains, skin lacerations, thermal injuries, and mental health. The program includes introductory ergonomics principles so you can identify the work-related risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders and recommend basic workplace changes. Discussion points include: components of workplace wellness programs, appropriate treatment regimens and referral guidelines, current evidence-based guidelines for managing emergent conditions, and the treatment of occupational health conditions in the presence of existing co-morbid conditions. Documenting the plan of care will also be covered.

Objectives: Discuss common musculoskeletal injuries, such as lower back pain, repetitive motion injuries, ankle sprain, and shoulder injuries. Identify workplace risk factors associated with musculoskeletal disorders. Discuss current assessment, treatment, and evaluation guidelines for concussions and headaches. Identify current assessment, treatment, and evaluation guidelines for the management of selected dermatological traumas. Compare and contrast emergent and nonemergent chest discomfort. Describe current management practices and medical guidelines in selected common occupational health respiratory conditions. Discuss the emergent care in penetration injuries. Discuss the signs of depression and anxiety, screening, assessment, intervention, referral, and follow-up. Discuss worksite wellness programs.