DO IT. PROVE IT! Six Sigma – Workers Compensation/Disability Savings

Presenter: Joyce A. Deutsch-Harsch, RN, MSN, COHNS/CM, CLNC, EMT, CPT has been an occupational health nurse for 20 years. She comes from a long background in occupational health nursing, education, legal nurse consulting, and disability/workers’ compensation case management. Her position with General Electric Plastics in Mt. Vernon Indiana (the largest plastics/chemical manufacturing facility in America) introduced her to the Six Sigma methodology and documenting cost savings to senior management team leaders. During her tenure (11 years) a new program was instituted for managing workers’ compensation claims, determining OSHA recordable/not recordable incidents, creating a RTW/R program that exceeded all expectations and creating an upfront expectation that continues to be used today.

Date/Time: June 20, 2017 12:00 – 1:00 PM ET

Description: Providing safety leaders, CEOs and CFOs with Return on Investment information is a corner stone skill that every occupational health nurse (OHN) should have in her/his tool box. As a professional specializing in an arena where most of your workers are healthy, active and working it is hard for management to see the value in an occupational health programming or even the nurse.

However, when those same workers injure themselves away from the job, have a surgical procedure or a work related incident the occupational health nurse is the key to reducing costs to the business. OHNs are strategic financial partners working closely with the senior management team to reduce days away from work, reduce lost time OSHA- recordable accidents or find modified work. This presentation can give you the tools to put a dollar value on your bottom line contribution to any organization.

SIX SIGMA is “business speak” and provides you with a logical well understood system for documenting the improvements your presence is making and can make in the workplace. This presentation will give you the tools needed to begin your first Six Sigma project.

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Jointly Provided by AAOHN and the University of Michigan Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering