The Fatigue Failure Approach for Ergonomic Assessment: Research Updates

Wednesday, September 18, 3-4 pm EST


During this webinar, learners will explore several lines of evidence that suggest fatigue failure of musculoskeletal tissues may be an important etiologic mechanism in the development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). There are numerous important implications with respect to MSD risk assessment and how jobs should be designed to reduce MSD risk. Dr. Gallagher will demonstrate new MSD risk assessment tools based on fatigue failure theory, including the Lifting Fatigue Failure Tool (LiFFT), the Distal Upper Extremity Tool (DUET), and a new shoulder risk assessment tool (as yet unnamed). Future research needs in this area will also be discussed.


NIOSH supported Education and Research Centers throughout the country are pleased to present the Ergonomics Webinar Series, offering free monthly webinars on various topics on Human Factors and Ergonomics. A collaborative effort on behalf of each ERC’s Continuing Education program, our goal is to provide access to current research supported through NIOSH ERC Programs.