Physiological Mechanisms that can Lead to Musculoskeletal Disorders

Wednesday, October 23, 3-4 pm EST


During this webinar, learners will explore how prolonged, static, low-level muscle contractions can lead to long lasting, unperceived muscle fatigue. The likely responsible mechanisms that induce muscle fatigue in the lower leg muscles and neck muscle following prolonged standing or seated work will be presented. Interventions including work cycle, distribution of rest breaks, and muscle activities to disrupt monotonous and static working situations will be explored and contrasted to illustrate how fatigue may be reduced.


NIOSH supported Education and Research Centers throughout the country are pleased to present the Ergonomics Webinar Series, offering free monthly webinars on various topics on Human Factors and Ergonomics. A collaborative effort on behalf of each ERC’s Continuing Education program, our goal is to provide access to current research supported through NIOSH ERC Programs.