Current PPRT Projects

Occupational Pesticide Exposure of Informal Farmworkers in Northern

Researchers: Chanese Forté, PhD student, and Justin Colacino, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Evaluating Occupational Hazards and Total Worker Health in E-waste Workers

Researchers: Aubrey Langeland, PhD student and Richard Neitzel, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Biomarker Based Occupational Exposome

Researchers: Vy Nguyen, PhD student and Oliver Jolliet, PhD, Professor, University of Michigan

Portable XRF Technology for Noninvasive In Vivo Quantification of Uranium (U) in Bone and Arsenic (As) in Skin among a Population with High U- and As- Exposures

Researchers: Xinxin Zhang,Graduate Research Assistant, and Linda Nie, PhD, Associate Professor, Purdue University