Current PPRT Projects

Physiology-based Dynamic Fatigue Modeling for Construction Tasks: A Feasibility Study for Intensive Upper Limb Work

Researchers: Houtan Jebelli, PhD, and SangHyun Lee, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Cumulative Stressors for Michigan Public School Teachers

Researcher: Mozhgon Rajaee, PhD, MPH, MS, Assistant Professor, Oakland University

Allostatic Load and Health Risks of Hotel Housekeepers and Hotel Laundry Workers

Researcher: Marie-Anne Rosemberg, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Passive Micro-Sampler with Facilitated On-Site Analysis for Multi-Vapor Worker Exposure Monitoring

Researchers: Changhua (Henry) Zhan, MSE, Post-Doctoral Fellow, and Edward T. Zellers, PhD, Professor, University of Michigan

Occupational Inhalation Exposures in Nail Salons in Michigan

Researchers: Lexuan Zhong, PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow, and Stuart Battterman, PhD, Professor, University of Michigan