Observational Assessment of Ergonomic Stressors: Training Via the Web

Research Trainee: Kristin Streilein, MSE, PhD Student, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan

Faculty Researcher: Thomas Armstrong, PhD, Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan

Observational methods are widely used to assess ergonomic stresses and barriers to work. This study examines the consistency of such ratings both within and between raters. Secondly, it examines how rating consistency changes with increasing numbers of rating experiences. Thirdly, it examines the use of web-based video examples to accelerate and improve rating consistency and the influence of feedback during the learning process. The project will lead to quantitative criteria for determining when a rater is adequately “trained” in ergonomic job assessment methods. It will also provide guidance for the design and use of web-based resources for internet-based training. The results of this study will provide methods, criteria, and power calculations for future experiments in the area of assessment accuracy and precision in ergonomic job analysis.


Research trainee’s current position:
Kristin Streilein is currently an Ergonomist/Rehabilitation Engineer at Mercer Engineering Research Center.