PPRT Frequently Asked Questions


1. I am a tenure-track faculty member. Can I submit a proposal along with another faculty member?

Junior faculty members, who are not above the rank of Assistant Professor, may submit a joint proposal. A junior faculty member may also include a senior faculty member on their research team as a Co-Investigator.

2. I am a junior faculty member interested in submitting a proposal; do I need a letter of support from a faculty sponsor?

No, if you are faculty you do not need a letter of support from a faculty sponsor. All PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, however, do need a letter of support from a faculty sponsor.

3. Can faculty associated with the University of Michigan Health System apply?

Yes, junior faculty from UMHS can apply.

4. Are non-US citizens eligible to be research trainees on a PPRT project?

Yes, non-US citizens are eligible to be research trainees on a PPRT project.


5. If we are studying tasks rather than employees, do we still need IRB approval?

If you will be using people to perform the tasks that you will be studying, you will need to submit an application to your institution’s IRB. Your institution will determine whether or not your research fits the definition of human subjects research that requires IRB approval.


6. Can a PPRT project involve vertebrate animal research?

Yes, vertebrate animal research is indeed possible through the program so long as you can demonstrate occupational health relevance and provide all the necessary IACUC approvals for the use of vertebrate animals.


7. Can my budget include support for an undergraduate research assistant?

Yes, your budget can include support for necessary research personnel such as undergraduate research assistants.

8. Can my budget include faculty salary support?

Faculty salary support may only be requested for junior faculty who are not above the rank of Assistant Professor.

9. Can my budget include expenses for attending a conference?

Yes, you can include expenses for attending a conference in your budget provided that the purpose of attending the conference is to present the research from your project.

10. If I do not spend all of the awarded funds during the award period, can I apply for a no-cost extension?

Unfortunately, NIOSH does not permit us to award no-cost extensions for grants awarded under the Pilot Project Research Training mechanism. No charges after the project end date will be accepted.