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Albert Tien
Member and Officer, Workplace Health Without Borders-US
Managing Partner, 2TSustainAbility LLC

Assessing Nail Salon Worker Health and Safety and Developing a “Safe Nail Salon” Certification Program

Workers in nails salons may be exposed to harmful chemical and biological agents and poor ventilation and ergonomic conditions. Since many nail salons rent out space to contractors who are not salon employees, worker health is often unaddressed and it is difficult to know how many nail salon workers are at risk. Albert’s project aims to develop client awareness and show nail salon owners the benefits of implementing good practices. He will conduct a literature review of the nail salon worker health and safety dangers and legal protection of contractors versus salon employees. Albert will create a certification program for “safe nail salons” and design a “safe nail salon” certification logo for nail salons to display, letting customers know that their nail salon is “safe” and thereby giving those salons a competitive advantage. This program will then be offered to non-profits, such as WHWB-US, who will then evaluate and award the certifications to nail salons.