Integration of Safety Content, Concepts, and Activities in Construction Program Curriculum: A Case Study

Elbert Sorrell, Jr., PhD
Professor and Director, Risk Control Center
University of Wisconsin-Stout

ElbertSeveral construction faculty members at the University of Wisconsin-Stout have retired since the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) funded Construction Safety/Risk Control Training Program Grant was developed there. Many of those faculty members were strong proponents of integrating safety content throughout the construction curriculum, especially in those courses which did not necessarily focus on safety topics, and it was unclear whether safety would continue to be embraced as an integral part of the curriculum. Visiting Partner Elbert Sorrell, Jr., recognized the need to review the program curriculum in order to determine whether opportunities exist to enhance the integration of safety-related content into the curriculum. Elbert’s project involved creating a process which allows for true integration of safety content into the curriculum. This process will be used to integrate safety content into existing construction courses which have previously been identified as needing this type of content to be embedded within them. In turn, the use of this process will promote student outcomes in safety as an integral part of a particular course, as well as the curriculum as a whole.