Current PPRT Projects

Occupational Risk Factors on Head and Neck Cancer in Northeast Thailand

Researchers: Ilona Argirion, PhD student, and Laura Rozek, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Implementation and Assessment of Exoskeletons for Reducing Risks for Musculoskeletal Disorders in Surgery

Researchers: Jackie Cha, PhD student, Denny Yu, PhD, Assistant Professor, Purdue University, and Maury Nussbaum, PhD, Professor, Virginia Tech.

Occupational Inhalation Exposure to and Health Risk of Volatile Organic Compounds of Hotel Housekeepers

Researchers: Nan Lin, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, and Stuart Batterman, PhD, Professor, University of Michigan

A Manual Lifting Worker Tracking Monitor Using Motion Based Computer Vision

Researchers: Xuan Wang, PhD student, and Robert Radwin, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison