Who Participates?

We expect to enroll six to ten visiting partners into the program this year. Enrollment is on a rolling basis, i.e., there are no deadlines for applications – you may apply at any time. While the expectation is that the majority of the accepted VPs will reside within reasonable driving distance of Ann Arbor, those residing elsewhere in the U.S. and in Canada may also apply.

Some examples of those who may benefit from the program:

  • Educators at university, college, and high school levels wishing to enhance their curricula through the integration of OEHS topics and case studies into their teaching
  • Practitioners of OEHS in businesses, labor unions, and governmental agencies who want to enhance their knowledge and skills while addressing issues of direct relevance to their work
  • Writers, photographers, or artists, who want to integrate OEHS topics into their work

The first group of VPs began in the Spring of 2010. There are 6 month and yearlong appointments. Potential VPs will be considered by the admissions committee only if the program is not already filled.