NIOSH ERC Webinar: Hazards in the Craft Brewing Industry: Understanding Injuries through Workers’ Compensation Data

Workers at craft breweries are an understudied population in a rapidly growing industry. Craft beer is produced through a manufacturing process which exposes workers to numerous occupational hazards including awkward body postures, lifting/carrying heavy loads, sharp edges, and hot surfaces. Unfortunately, national injury surveillance data does not effectively represent craft breweries. The purpose of this study was to characterize injuries specific to craft brewery workers, to identify contributing factors, and to inform practitioners tasked with directing interventions. Data from workers’ compensation and accident narratives were used to analyze injuries among craft brewery workers from 2013 to 2018, and a series of injury process models were used to highlight the relationship between injury characteristics and contributing factors. Findings from this study, including injury process models, can help guide practitioners to reduce injuries and improve the quality of work life among craft brewery workers.

Colleen Brents, PhD, APE
Colleen Brents, PhD, AEP, completed her studies at Colorado State University in the Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences through the Mountain and Plains Education Research Center (MAP ERC). Her research focused on occupational injuries among craft brewery workers in Colorado. She works in international health and safety consulting where she conducts ergonomic assessments, evaluates and develops ergonomics and safety programs, and helps global companies improve their health and safety.