AAOHN Webinar: Long COVID Management: The Role of the OHN

COVID-19 has negatively impacted many working adults. Some working adults that have contracted the disease continue to experience symptoms and present case management challenges for Occupational Health nurses and employers. Occupational Health Nurses are case managing many patients in the workplace with symptoms of long COVID and not enough information or evidence-based practice is available. There is a gap as to how an OHN may support employees in management of their symptoms and the known impacts for the employer in the workplace. This webinar explains what is known about COVID long-haulers, their associated conditions, treatment, and how OHNs can assist these employees, their families, and employers. The session will address the employer’s risk management role, along with the OHN’s risk management and risk communication roles. In essence, occupational health nursing is risk-management operationalized through disability case management.

Dianne Dyck, RN, BN, MSc, CRSP 

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