2022 Workplace Mental Health Conference

Workplace Mental Health Conference

This third annual University of Michigan event will bring together key stakeholders to discuss strategies to improve employee mental health. Topics include young employee retention, the costs of code-switching, burnout, resilience at work, and other novel programming to support mental health.

Why Mental Health? Why Now?

Employee expectations around mental health at work, as well as the physical reality of the workplace, have evolved. Organizations are placing employee well-being at the top of their priorities to best support their workforce. This year’s conference will provide actionable items employers can take to move the needle on mental health.
  • 51% of workers said their mental health has declined since the onset of the pandemic. Survey findings from The Conference Board.
  • Just 34% of employees stated that their company’s leadership speaks openly about mental health, even though leadership support can directly impact workforce well-being. Survey findings from Mental Health America.
  • 40% of employees who quit their jobs in 2021 cited burnout as a top reason for leaving. Survey findings from Limeaid.


Meet the growing concerns with tips to kick-start your workplace mental health initiative. Register for this year’s conference and gain insights and action-oriented strategies from mental health researchers, clinicians, and experts.
Reserve your seat and join the #WorkplaceMH conversation.

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