New Workshop: Product Safety Leadership Fundamentals

June 20 – August 11, 2023

 Sponsored by the University of Michigan Center for Occupational Health Safety and Engineering

In cooperation with the Society of Product Safety Professionals and ADK Information Services, LLC

Note: The 2023 Fundamentals course will be conducted online. All program participants completing the course, including the required case study, will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Society of Product Safety Professionals.


This program was designed to introduce participants to many of the critical concepts which make up the 5 Pillars of Product Safety Knowledge. Online sessions will include instructor presentations with ample opportunities for questions and thoughtful discussions.  Students can expect to develop an understanding of the theory and techniques used in various areas of product safety management that may include:

•   Building and maintaining a product safety system within a company

•   Compliance and regulatory environment at the state, national and international level

•   An introduction to risk-informed decision making by a CPSC official

•   Trends in the U.S. and international regulatory environments

•   Risk management at the company and product level

•   Product safety program design and hazard analysis

•  Understanding the standards, testing, and certification requirements under current regulations

•   Managing the supply chain for product safety

•   Designing and managing a product investigation process within your company

•   An introduction to international product safety management

•   Product recall management and product retrieval

•   Best practices sharing exercise

•   Design & development of a product safety case study by each program participant


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