Respirator Training Courses 2023

Six courses are offered by Dr. Roy T. McKay, through the University of Cincinnati, that provide comprehensive respirator training for persons who need to become familiar with OSHA respirator standards. This is necessary since OSHA and other standard-making organizations presume the reader has a substantial base of technical knowledge related to the subject matter.

Courses Include:

Overview of Respiratory Protection
Date: April 18, 2023
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This one day course provides a practical overview of respirators, standards, guidelines, proper use, limitations, and worker training requirements. This course is also helpful for individuals who oversee respirator users in their workplace or need to familiarize themselves with the respirator program requirements.

Fit Testing Workshop
Date: April 19-20, 2023
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This workshop provides detailed information and “hands-on” experience for conducting qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing. A combination of lecture and “hands-on” testing in the presence of a trained and experienced instructor will be used to help participants learn how to conduct respirator fit testing to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Fit Testing Workshop: Quantitative
Date: TBD
This one (1) day program is similar to our 2-day Fit Testing Workshop but is limited to quantitative fit testing methods utilizing the TSI PortaCount (including N-95 Companion) and the OHD Quantifit. Student will learn how to fit test a variety of respirators including N95 filtering facepieces (disposables), elastomeric half, and full facepiece respirators. Students will learn how to install fit testing adapters for elastomeric facepieces and probes for filtering facepieces (dust masks). Students will also learn how to set-up, operate, maintain, troubleshoot, analyze, and interpret fit test results.

Fit Testing Refresher & Advanced Topics
Date: May 18, 2023
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This 1-day course is designed for the person who needs to understand why poorly fitting respirators pass and why good fitting respirators fail. This course begins with a review of OSHA fit testing requirements and emphasizes solutions to common fit testing problems. The course will decrease the frequency of switching between different respirator sizes & models. The course is especially helpful for persons familiar with fit testing procedures, but has limited formal training, needs a refresher, or needs a better understanding of fit testing.

It also provides an opportunity to discuss advanced topics not covered during a typical 2-day fit testing workshop due to time limitations. This course is also valuable for respirator program administrators who need a better understanding of fit testing procedures and assurance that their fit testing program is being run properly. The emphasis of this course is on quantitative fit testing with the TSI PortaCount, although many of the concepts are applicable to other fit test methods.

Respirator Selection and Development of Cartridge Change Out Schedules
Date: May 16-17, 2023
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This unique two-day workshop provides comprehensive guidance on respirator selection and the development of an OSHA compliant change out schedule for cartridges and filters. This course is designed to teach the student how to select a respirator based on workplace conditions (exposure level, type of contaminant, etc.). Guidelines for development of an OSHA compliant cartridge/filter change out policy will also be taught. Practice problems will be used throughout the class to help ensure the student understands the material.

Respirator Program Administrator Training Certificate
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Students who complete at least 4 days of respirator training can apply for a Respirator Program Administrator’s certificate of completion. The four (4) days of training must be completed within four (4) years of the request and include at least one training program from three different categories of respirator training (refer to course description for details). Program administrator training is designed for persons who wish to administer respirator programs in their workplace.

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