University of Michigan Summer Session in Epidemiology

For more than 57 years, the Summer Session in Epidemiology at the University of Michigan has been one of the nation’s most highly regarded summer epidemiology programs. The program can give you a career boost in just one to three intensive weeks. 

About SSE:

The University of Michigan Summer Session in Epidemiology offers short intensive courses in epidemiology to provide a foundation for understanding the principles, methods and practice of epidemiology. It is designed for public health and healthcare professionals, researchers and others who want to build a foundation in epidemiologic science. A background in public health, biostatistics, or epidemiology is helpful but not required.

Objectives and Rationale

The objective of the Summer Session in Epidemiology is to provide intensive instruction in the principles, methods, and applications of epidemiology. The continuity of this program over a period of 57 years demonstrates its important role in the education and training of graduate students in public health, physicians, nurses, and health professionals throughout the world. The University of Michigan School of Public Health has served as the host institution since 1988.

The curriculum allows for three-week and one-week courses. Each one-week course may be viewed as an independent entity, although many students have taken advantage of the sequence of interrelated topics. Depending on what specific SSE courses participants take, they will be able to implement into practice appropriate principles and methods for conducting population studies, including study design, data collection, statistical analysis, interpretation of findings, and implications for public health or medical practice. We encourage you to review carefully the contents of this website, which will serve to guide your selection and scheduling of courses.


“The program was really fantastic. It definitely was a huge supplement to me as a physician-scientist trainee in Microbiology, studying public health genomics with a focus on epidemiology. The summer timing really enabled me to get this training done in a succinct way that would not have been possible otherwise as normal semester courses at MSU conflicted with my other educational requirements.! Huge Gratitude, JAR!”
-Jose Rodrigues, 2021 Participant

“This was an excellent experience and well-taught course. The instructor was excellent at getting everyone to get engaged. This is the most engaged Zoom class I’ve ever experienced actually and I credit it to the instructor’s personality and style!! The pace and assignments — everything was great. The group assignment was actually kind of fun.”  2021 Participant

I had a great learning experience at the 2019 University of Michigan Summer Session in Epidemiology. I was able to catch up on important advances that have been made in our field over the last 2 decades – advances that many of my peers are just beginning to appreciate. I thought I would just be learning interesting theory – I was pleased to discover that the new methods have practical applications for practicing epidemiologists. The professors and small collegial classes were great – thank you!”
-Cody Arnold, MD, MSc

Course Information

  • 2022 Courses can be taken Online or In-Person depending on the course.
  • In-Person courses will have a remote option as well (i.e. live attendance via Zoom).
  • Please see the Course Schedule for each course option.

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