Occupational Health Speaker Series 2014

JANUARY 10, 2014

“Employee Safety Challenges with Company Acquisition and Integration”
Wendi Latko, PhD, Environment, Health, Safety, & Sustainability Director, Xerox Technology



“A Creative Approach to Promoting Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety: The COHSE Visiting Partners Program”
Christopher Godwin, MPH, PhD, VPP Program Coordinator
“Statistical Tools to Manage Occupational Exposure”
Sergio Caporali-Filho, PhD, CSP, CIH
“Development of New Methods for Chemical Hazard Screening in Consumer Products”
Jeff Gearhart, MS
“Integration of Safety Content, Concepts and Activities in Construction Program Curriculum: A Case Study”
Elbert Sorrell, EdD, CSP


JANUARY 24, 2014

“‘100 Grand’ In Your Pocket: Reducing Liability and Increasing Profitability”
Kevin Roehling, Safety and Loss Prevention, Berends, Hendricks, Stuit Insurance


JANUARY 31, 2014

“Program of Research in Stress and Depression”
Bonnie Hagerty, PhD, RN, Associate Dean, School of Nursing, University of Michigan
Reg Williams, PhD, RN, BC, FAAN, CAPT, NC, USNP (ret), Professor Emeritus, School of Nursing and Psychiatry, University of Michigan Medical School


FEBRUARY 7, 2014

“Skilled Trades Safety and Safety Culture at the Ford Livonia Transmission Plant”
Livonia Transmission Joint UAW/Ford Safety Culture Committee


FEBRUARY 14, 2014

“Collaborating for Hearing Conservation: A Simulation”
Marjorie McCullagh, PhD, Occupational Health Nursing Program Director at UM School of Nursing and Associate Professor
Richard Neitzel, PhD, Assistant Professor of EHS, UM School of Public Health


FEBRUARY 21, 2014

“Hearing Protector Fit-Testing: FAES 101”
Pegeen Smith, RN, MS, COHN-S, Global Technical Service Product Specialist, 3M Company


FEBRUARY 28, 2014

“Creative Use of Direct-Reading Instruments”
Thomas Peters, PhD, University of Iowa, College of Public Health


MARCH 14, 2014

“Global Issues in Occupational Safety and Health During the Next Decade”
Gregg Clark, General Motors


MARCH 21, 2014

“Complex Urban Exposure and Health – Strategies to Study the Interaction Between Chemical and Psychosocial Factors and Health”
Bengt Arnetz, MD, PhD, MPH, MScEpi, Professor, Wayne State University


MARCH 28, 2014

“Indoor Air Pollution from Biomass Cooking in developing Countries”
Patrick Breysse, PhD, Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


APRIL 11, 2014

“Exposure Assessment to Elongated Mineral Particles in the Taconite Industry in Northeastern Minnesota”
Gurumurthy Ramachandran, PhD, CIH, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota


APRIL 18, 2014

“Hazard Identification, Mitigation, and Risk Assessment at the NIST Material Measurement Laboratory”
Liz Mackey, PhD, Safety Program Coordinator, National Institute for Standards and Technoogy (NIST)

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