Research and Faculty

Michigan’s Pilot Project Research Training (PPRT) Program was established in 1999. The goal of the PPRT program is to strengthen the occupational health and safety research capacity of the United States by increasing the number and quality of scientists who pursue research careers in OH&S disciplines. The PPRT program provides short-term seed funds to support innovative pilot research projects in the priority areas defined in the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA). Funds are also provided for pilot research projects that address special OH&S needs in HHS Region V, the manufacturing heartland of the United States.


Our faculty have strong research programs with many recent publications.


COHSE is fortunate to have many faculty members with strong research records that cover a broad spectrum of occupational health and safety (OH&S) issues.


Keeping e-waste workers healthy and safe – In an interview with Rick Nietzel, we learn about the rewarding experiences of students working with electronic waste abroad in Thailand, with photos and videos illustrating the type of work being done with this project.


Death of a Flip Phone – In an informational video describing the dangerous metals and plastic compounds contained in old phones, we learn about the ways electronic waste negatively affects the environment when it is not properly managed.