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Environmental and Occupational Health

Stuart Batterman, PhD,
Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

  • Research Interests: Hazardous waste, health care waste, sustainable systems, life cycle analysis, human exposure and health risk assessment, and environmental epidemiology.

Industrial Hygiene 

Rick Neitzel, PhD, CIH, FAIHA
Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

  • Research Interests: Exposure science and risk assessment, health risks related to physical agents, safety hazards, and psychosocial factors, and characterization of injury risk associated with noise exposure and transportation-related activities, with a focus on bicycling. Industrial hygiene, occupational health, hearing loss, ototoxins, occupational injuries, environmental and occupational justice

John Meeker, ScD, CIH
Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

  • Research/Professional Interests: Exposure assessment and epidemiology studies investigating health impacts of pesticides, phthalates, bisphenol A, flame retardants, PCBs, tobacco smoke, and other agents. Focus on exposure biomarkers and environmental factors associated with reproductive health and child development.

Occupational & Environmental Epidemiology 

Marie S. O’Neill, PhD,
Professor Epidemiology

  • Research/Professional Interests: Health effects of air pollution, temperature extremes and climate change (mortality, asthma, hospital admissions, and cardiovascular endpoints), environmental exposure assessment, and socio-economic influences on health.

Alexis J. Handal, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor Epidemiology

  • Research/Professional Interests: Environmental health, occupational health, maternal and child health, reproductive health, social determinants, health equity, community-based participatory research, mixed methods, capacity building

Occupational Health Nursing 

Marie-Anne S. Rosemberg, PhD, MN, RN, FAAOHN
Associate Professor

  • Research/Professional Interests: Health of service workers, chronic disease outcomes, immigrant health, and psychological stressors.

Occupational Safety Engineering 

Leia Stirling, Ph.D
Associate Professor; Industrial and Operations Engineering; Robotics

  • Research/Professional Interests: Biomechanics, decision support systems, human factors, human-autonomy/robot interaction, human motion, multimodal displays, work measurement, and wearable technology.

Nadine Sarter, Ph.D
Professor, Industrial & Operations Engineering

  • Research/Professional Interests: Cognitive ergonomics, transportation safety, human-automation and robot interaction, the design of tactile and multimodal interfaces, human error and error management, attention and interruption management, and decision support systems.


Kaley James
Administrative Program Coordinator