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Student and Alumni Testimonials

Learn about how our students’ and alumni’s experiences at the University of Michigan have impacted their career trajectories.

“As a nurse I often saw how environmental and occupational factors impacted the health of my patients. The Occupational Health Nursing concentration was a perfect complement to the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Michigan because it offered additional education in this area widened the scope and areas in which I can work. After graduation I will be part of the 2021 Ecology Center Health Leaders Fellowship program and I hope to incorporate what I’ve learned in my future practice for years to come.”

Sarah Hendricks

MSN, MSN ’21

“During this trainee appointment, my career and research development have improved substantially. Under the direction of Dr. Marie O’Neill, I helped design, implement, and am currently analyzing a project called Detroit Communities Reducing Energy and Water (DCREW). DCREW was a pilot project aimed to understand better and build upon strategies that would help mitigate many adverse health outcomes experienced by the most vulnerable populations in Detroit, Michigan. This research project used a Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach to build capacity for climate mitigation in our target communities and improve the process for how Detroit residents access and use government assistance programs designed to supplement energy and water utility costs.”

Quinton Shyteik Jenkins

MPH, MPH ’21

“I chose the Industrial Hygiene field because I wanted to be in a role where I can help protect the health of some of the most vulnerable people in society: workers. Some working people face incredibly dangerous environmental conditions and I would like to play a part in ensuring their safety. During my time at the University of Michigan I learned all different aspects of Environmental Health and Industrial Hygiene. From hands-on practical knowledge to research and theory and everything in between. UM’s program stands out because of the faculty and fellow students. Everyone is so kind, knowledgeable, and willing to help one another. I plan to work in the Industrial Hygiene field either in consulting or in government after graduation.”

Christian Lumaj

MPH, MPH ’21

Student Spotlights

Learn about our featured COHSE student spotlights at the University of Michigan! 

Student Recognitions

Occupational Health Nursing

The Sally Lechlitner Lusk Award

The Sally Lechlitner Lusk Award was established to honor Professor Lusk who retired after thirty-four years of contributions to the School and The University. Dr. Lusk is a pioneer in research on worker health and safety, as well as in program development, specifically the off-campus RN to BSN programs, the Occupational Health Nursing masters and doctoral programs, and the On-Job-On-Campus masters degree program. This award is presented biennially at the time of graduation to the Outstanding Occupational Health Nursing student who demonstrates leadership and scholarly excellence.

  • 2020 Recipient: Karen Myers, ’20
  • 2016 Recipient: Aaron Collins, ’16
  • 2014 Recipient: Clara Julien, ’14

The Medvec Nursing Innovation Award

The Medvec Nursing Innovation Award is part of the Barbara R. and Michael E. Medvec Nursing Innovation Endowment Fund. The award is given to graduate students to promote the development of projects aimed at improving health care delivery, quality of care, patient outcomes, and population health through innovation.

  • 2020 Recipient: Anne McLeod
  • 2019 Recipient: Jessica Fladger
  • 2017 Recipient: Erinn Smith

Industrial Hygiene

The Warren A. Cook Award

The Warren A. Cook Award is typically awarded each year to a doctoral student, typically nearing the end of his/her dissertation research. It recognizes outstanding contributions to research in IH, and is named after the first IH faculty member, Dr. Warren Cook. It provides a modest monetary award and inclusion on a commemorative plaque.

  • 2023 Recipient: Mislael Valentin Cortes
  • 2019 Recipient: Ilona Argirion
  • 2017 Recipient: James Couch
  • 2016 Recipient: Benjamin Roberts, ’18
  • 2015 Recipient: Johnathan Bryant-Genevier, ’15
  • 2014 Recipient: Mazhgon Rajaee
  • 2013 Recipient: Gamola Fortenberry, ’13
  • 2012 Recipient: Thitiporn Sukaew, ’13

The Robin Theeuwes Memorial Award

The Robin Theeuwes Memorial Award is a very special award because the recipient is selected by the current class of students. It was established shortly after the untimely death of Robin Theeuwes from cancer between her first and second years of study. It is given each year to a second-year IH student. Selection for this award means that the student has earned the highest respect and is recognized for great strength of character. Names of the awardees are maintained on a commemorative plaque.

  • 2023 Recipient: Hailey Smith, ’24
  • 2019 Recipient: Elon Ullman
  • 2017 Recipient: Mary-Catherine Goddard, ’17
  • 2015 Recipient: Stephanie Sayler, ’16
  • 2014 Recipient: Maria Braem, ’15
  • 2013 Recipient: Benjamin Roberts, ’14
  • 2012 Recipient: Mark Spencer, ’13

The Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society Award

The Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society Award is given each year to an outstanding second-year IH student, selected by the faculty on the bases on academic performance, leadership potential, and promise for a successful career in IH. A plaque and gift are provided by MIHS for students selected each year from Michigan and other regional universities with IH programs. The names of the UM awardees are also placed on a commemorative plaque maintained outside of the IH Program offices.

  • 2023 Recipient: Andrew Maschke, ’24
  • 2019 Recipient: Roxane Strobel, ’20
  • 2017 Recipient: Emmanuel Zervoudakis, ’18
  • 2016 Recipient: Michael Manning, ’17
  • 2015 Recipient: William Weichsel, ’16
  • 2015 Recipient: Hao Xu, ’15
  • 2014 Recipient: Benjamin Roberts, ’14
  • 2013 Recipient: Mark Spencer, ’13
  • 2012 Recipient: Mary Ellen Hicks, ’12

The AIHF General Scholarship

The AIHF has awarded scholarships to deserving students since its inception in 1981. These scholarships are made possible through generous donations from individuals, local sections, and corporations.

  • 2020 Recipient: Emilio Ronquillo
  • 2019 Recipient: Andrea Edie
  • 2019 Recipient: Roxane Strobel
  • 2018 Recipient: Sophia Ridl
  • 2018 Recipient: Emily Armstrong
  • 2018 Recipient: Vanessa Chen
  • 2018 Recipient: Xenia Chan

The AIHF Ralph G. Smith Memorial Scholarship

The AIHF Ralph G. Smith Scholarship is typically awarded to an outstanding first-year IH student that is expected to do very well in IH studies and in their professional careers. The award is named in memory of Dr. Ralph Smith, a highly distinguished leader in IH and former member of the program faculty. Each year, a stipend of $6,000 is provided by the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation from an endowed fund that was established from donations made by friends and former students of Dr. Smith. Names are maintained on a commemorative plaque.

  • 2020 Recipient: Emilio Ronquillo, ’20
  • 2019 Recipient: Andrea Edie
  • 2019 Recipient: Roxane Strobel
  • 2018 Recipient: Sophia Ridl
  • 2017 Recipient: Andrea Guytingco,’18
  • 2017 Recipient: Benjamin Moore,’18
  • 2017 Recipient: Taylor Tarpe,’18
  • 2016 Recipient: Lauren Kokx, ’17
  • 2015 Recipient: Stephanie Sayler, ’16
  • 2014 Recipient: Walter Aksent, ’15
  • 2013 Recipient: Emily Yu, ’14
  • 2012 Recipient: Kendra Broadwater, ’13

The AIHF MIHS Merit Scholarship

The Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society Merit Scholarship continues MIHS’s legacy of support for the industrial hygiene profession.

  • 2020 Recipient: Christian Lumaj, ’21
  • 2019 Recipient: Natalie Mullan
  • 2018 Recipient: Abilene Emerson
  • 2017 Recipient: Emmanuel N. Zervoudakis
  • 2016 Recipient: Mary Catherine Goodard
  • 2015 Recipient: Rachel N. Long

The MIHS Student Award

The Michigan Industrial Hygiene Society(MIHS) has been recognizing the academic achievements of IH students from local Michigan universities since since 1984. The MIHS Student Award was created by the MIHS President at that time, Mr. Sarunas Mingela, Ph.D., CIH. In 2004 the MIHS Board of Directors decided to limit the Student Awards to educational programs accredited by ABET in industrial hygiene. Each year, usually in February, MIHS hosts Student Night, a dinner with an awards ceremony, to honor the MIHS Student Award recipient(s). Their achievements are announced by a professor from their respective school, and then MIHS President presents them with with a plaque and a gift.

  • 2020 Recipient: Roxane Strobel
  • 2019 Recipient: Claudia Meyer
  • 2018 Recipient: Anthony Oliveri
  • 2017 Recipient: Michael Manning

The AIHF Steven P. Levine Scholarship

As a tribute to Steven P. Levine and to honor his legacy and support to the Foundation, this scholarship is made possible thanks to the generous donations from his students and peers.

  • 2020 Recipient: Leona Stockey
  • 2019 Recipient: Mario Sanca
  • 2018 Recipient: Xenia Chan
  • 2016 Recipient: Stephanie Sayler

The AIHF Amazon Scholarship

This AIHF scholarship is funded thanks to the generous contribution of Amazon.

  • 2020 Recipient: Emilio Ronquillo

The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) Scholarship

The BCSP Foundation provides support for students currently enrolled in an ABET/AABI accredited Qualified Academic Program (QAP). This award offsets tuition or expenses related to the pursuit of the degree.

  • 2019 Recipient: Emilio Ronquillo, ’20

The Warren Cook Scholarship

The Warren Cook Scholarship is awarded to an incoming industrial hygiene student. It is named after the first IH faculty member, Dr. Warren Cook.

  • 2020 Recipient: Gyan Rusconi, ’22

The Warren Cook Student Leadership Award

  • 2023 Recipient: Nicole Sailer, ’24
  • 2020 Recipient: Sarah Gharib