Michigan-Ohio Occupational Research Education (MOORE) Program


Michigan-Ohio Occupational Research Education (MOORE) Program

This R25 research educational program was created to support activities that complement and enhance the training of a workforce to meet the nation’s needs for evaluating, managing and handling hazardous substances, and to advance educational opportunities in environmental and occupational health and safety and in the public health and engineering aspects of hazardous waste control.

The Michigan-Ohio Occupational Research Education Program (MOORE Program) will focus on the development and delivery of training and research experiences for graduate students and occupational health and safety (OHS) practitioners addressing four themes:

  1. Emerging technologies in exposure assessment
  2. Home health care
  3. Sustainability and OHS practices
  4. Ergonomics and aerosol exposure

The instruction and research experiences will engage multidisciplinary teams from the University of Michigan, University of Cincinnati, and Michigan State University with considerable experience expertise and commitment to OHS and this program. Training and research in four themes will address joint occupational and environmental stressors that can affect OHS, as well as the changing nature of the workplace. Activities in the MOORE Program will include creating a common and cross-cutting infrastructure for educational programs at partnering institutions; developing new web-based modules that address these themes; embedding these modules in existing courses and developing new courses and certificate programs for our occupational and environmental health science programs; offering these modules as continuing education (CE) courses to working professionals; and providing intensive research experiences for graduate and post-graduate students and professionals that are linked to applications in the four areas.

Development of a best practice guideline and modules to share, among the program participants and instructors more broadly, techniques for the most impactful on-line teaching experience, using cutting edge instructional technology in this rapidly changing field. This program is led by senior investigators with extensive experience in OHS, Superfund-relevant topics, and education and research training programs, and will involve an outstanding team of highly committed junior and mid level faculty drawn from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, (e.g.,engineering, medicine, ergonomics, exposure science, hygiene, epidemiology, education, nursing, toxicology, life cycle and exposure modeling, instructional design, and educational program evaluation, among others)


For more information:

Contact MOORE PI, Stuart Batterman (stuartb@umich.edu)

Or Center Administrative Coordinator, Kaley James (kaleyj@umich.edu)