2024 Workplace Mental Health Conference

This annual University of Michigan event brings together key stakeholders to discuss strategies to improve employee mental health. Stay tuned for detailed information about our 2024 conference program!

Our workplaces have a measurable impact on our day-to-day lives. Employees are looking to their employers to implement solutions that address their needs and reduce the strain jobs can place on their mental health. But, what do those solutions look like? 

We’ve assembled speakers from across sectors to discuss real-world mental health challenges and explore innovative ways to build a workplace culture that values mental health. Join us for a half-day interactive, virtual conference on August 7, 2024 as we begin to address one of the workplace’s most challenging problems. It’s time to begin to tackle one of the workplace’s most challenging issues.

Individual and group tickets available beginning in April, 2024. 

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Conference Features:

  • Real-world strategies for your workplace
  • Tips to kick-start your workplace mental health initiative
  • Lineup of well-respected industry and academic experts
  • Personal stories, case studies, and panel discussions
  • Interactive Q&A

Who Should Join:

  • Employers
  • C-Suite Leaders
  • Health professionals and researchers
  • HR professionals
  • DEI professionals
  • Representatives from diverse industries (public, private, non-profit organizations)
  • Anyone with interest in supporting workplace mental health

What previous participants have said:

  • “I came out of the conference empowered to continue the work I do to advocate wellness and self-care for management and operations.”
  • “There was a lot of valuable information shared and seemed to cater to different levels of knowledge/industries which I appreciated.”
  • “So powerful to understand the communal nature of these challenges. This conference was well planned and creative in how it brought the group together in an engaging, virtual way.”